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A Valentine suggestion

Hi everyone

This is an easy request, easy in that it won’t break your heart or your soul. No stories that make you weep & gnash your teeth.

I am asking you to please donate money for a sterilization drive.

I believe so much in this. If there are less unwanted dogs & cats it is easier to find loving homes for others. There is also a great deal less suffering.

This organisation has already arranged 2 days next month – February – Valentine’s month for a vet to be on hand.

Instead of overpriced, overrated roses or hip-increasing chocolates why not make a donation instead?

I have. And I am sure I am not the only one who finds an EFT payment far more meaningful (even sexier!) than a musical card & flowers with no scent! Shudder.

There is no challenge here, just a request for you to please make a donation of any amount you want to to help P.E.T.S with their sterilization drive. The banking details are in the email below. I have checked them out & they are legit.

Thank you and please read on:


from Pet Empowerment in TownShips

We REALLY need your help if we want to get this off the ground. Please forward this to all your family and friends and bosses J). Even if they do not live in the Helderberg, they can still help make a difference to animals in need. An un-spayed female dog can potentially produce 67 000 healthy offspring in her life time! If we have 500 spayed, we can also potentially be seen to be helping +- 33 5000 00 animals!!!! Don’t you also want to be a part of that??

Our local newspaper does not want to help us by placing an add for us, it is against their policies to help people raise funds, so we have only word of mouth…

If we can get our finances up and going, then we can make this project a reality. We already have a spay day booked with a vet for 11 Feb & 22 Feb next month, where we can start off sterilising +- 70 animals…but we need your help to finance this. PLEASE – PLEASE spread the word and help this very worthy cause!!!! Email me on for any queries or info.

Standard Bank: Helderberg
Account holder: PETS
Account number: 277 408 695
Branch code: 033 012

Thanks & God bless


Pet Empowerment in TownShips

A responsible rescue organisation!

Zhoozsh! Hits 40 000!

ZhoozshIt was a HUGE surprise for us to be presented with a certificate from Struik congratulating us on selling 40 000 copies of Zhoozsh!.

We were at the Cape Town Book Fair to chat about the cookbook and how it came to be. We never expected it to do as well as it did – winning 3 categories in the South African sector of the Gourmand Awards, including Best Cook Book, and at the international Gourmand Awards in London earlier this year we were thrilled to make the Top 3 – beating out a certain Mnr Jamie Oliver!

Thank you to everyone who supported us and loved Zhoozsh! so much they went out and bought multiple copies!

Jacqui & Jeremy

More on Zhoozsh! bling

Zhoozsh!Below is a rather droll press release that went out after Zhoozsh! took the three regional awards that will see it compete for top honours at the Gourmand Cookbook Awards next month.

For more on the awards, see this earlier post.

Now read more about Zhoozsh!‘s bling…
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Zhoozsh! goes to London!

ZhoozshWow! Zhoozsh! is going to London to compete in the Gourmand Awards, where it has been shortlisted for… drumroll please…

Best Cookbook in the World!!

…crashing cymbals…

That’s quite an honour for a cookbook, to say nothing of its authors, Jeremy and moi.

How’s this for a day-brightening email, which landed in the ol’ inbox the other day:
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Recipe from Zhoozsh! – “Scrambled Eggs”

Scrambled EggsAnother one from Jeremy…

I usually manage to zhoozsh up everything I do … even my marriage proposal was extraordinary. I proposed to Jacqui in a deep pool on the brink of Victoria Falls with only a sliver of rock to protect us from being swept over the edge.

Yellow-billed kites were wheeling overhead, ellies drinking in the river upstream, I could see hippos snorting water into the air and the sky was filled with rainbows. The day before we’d both had waterlogged and oxygendeprived experiences while whitewater rafting. I’m sure the near-death encounter had something to do with my surprise proposal and Jacqui’s surprising yes.

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Recipe from Zhoozsh!: “Open Toasty”

This one’s a cinch!

We like to go on our own self-drive southern African safari and load up our 4×4 and head out whichever way. Jeremy is the caterer and damn, he’s good! He makes the best eat-on-the-go sarmies.

Open ToastyOne adventure took us through the Sango/Chicualacuala border from Zimbabwe into Mozambique. We were warned to attempt crossing the Limpopo only at Mapai. Expecting a ford, dyke, rocks or even just a row of sticks, we were astounded to pull up on the riverbank and find … nothing! A group of little kids in ragged clothing arrived and, chattering and gesticulating, they indicated they would show us a safe crossing point.

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Recipe from Zhoozsh – “Beef ‘n Hansa”

Beer 'n HansaThis one’s from Jeremy…

You will need at least 8 bottles of the brew to make this dish. The Irish will scream and shout, but this is better than theirs. Before beginning, open a Hansa and drink it.

Now take 1 kg of steak (the Irish use anything available, I prefer sirloin), cut it into cubes, and coat it in flour with 1 tsp salt and 1 tsp nutmeg mixed into it. Seal the meat in a pot in 2 Tbsp oil until thoroughly browned. (Have another Hansa while doing this.)

Remove the meat. (Be Irish, save water and put the meat into the lid of the pot. Have a Hansa.) Heat 1 Tbsp oil and 1 tsp butter in the same pot. Add 3 chopped onions and 2 tsp crushed garlic and brown. Add 1 tsp brown sugar and allow it to caramelize. Throw the meat back in and add 2 bottles of Hansa to the mix. (Open the sixth one and drink it yourself.)

Here comes the zhoozsh. Squeeze an orange and add a bay leaf to the pot before bubbling it on low, uncovered, for 11⁄2 hours, or until the meat is tender.

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My new book – Zhoozsh! – is here!

ZhoozshMy new cookbook, Zhoozsh!, has hit the shelves! Here’s the official blurby:

South African celebrity couple, Jeremy and Jacqui Mansfield have compiled a fabulously funny and flippant cookbook for those who love to cook – and those who don’t: Zhoozsh! Cooking with Jeremy & Jacqui Mansfield.

Jeremy is renowned as the creator and presenter of the multiple award-winning breakfast radio show The Rude Awakening on 94.7 Highveld Stereo. He has also hosted several TV shows.

Jacqui is a Johannesburg-based journalist and author of the best selling title, An Unpopular War (written under her maiden name, Thompson).

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Notes to Sarah and Philip

A few notes landed in my inbox courtesy of BOOK SA recently. To Sarah and Philip:

Hi Sarah,

Of course I remember you! Yup, I also remember how the papers always sent rookies to the zoo for nice, soft, easy stories. That changed when Max, the gorilla, got shot. Well for a little while anyway. As for politicians versus baby elands, no contest, although I would have gone with an alternative species (similar to the chest-thumping, screeching, mini-skirt denouncing, take-care-of-self first politicians but different). I am glad your husband loved the book. I hope it gives you insight into him and those times as well.

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In Memory of Nick Karvelas

I couldn’t sleep the other night and figured 2am was a pretty good darn time to write an unofficial eulogy. Nick Karvelas and I met when I interviewed him for my book. He was vibrant, passionate – an ardent believe in human rights for all, would never sit on the fence for any issue. He was a father and a husband. He was opinionated, vocal and sworn to improving the lives of others and uplifting this country & his community.

He was murdered earlier this week by have-nots who believe they are entitled to take whatever they want from someone who has more than them. I don’t care if they were smacked as children, misunderstood, previously disadvantaged, their mother/father abandoned them, they were unemployed because they were uneducated/ inexperienced/ black/ white/ gay/ straight/ retrenched/ lazy or just stupid. They murdered a good man, one who made a difference. I do not labour under the (dis)illusion that all lives are equal. They’re not. Some are more valuable than others. A good man, a valuable man who gave back, was murdered.

Shortly after I heard the news I got a call from a local radio station about what I recalled of Nick (I had been on their show about my book and Nick had called in too). Two stories immediately came to mind as clear as if he were sitting in front of me recounting them to me with all the energy and verve that was Nick. One was of an incident that shaped the righteous man he would become:

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